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Hi, I’m Noelle Hartt, and I’m a freelance web copywriter.

Noelle Hartt - Freelance B2B and B2C Copywriter

I specialize in web copywriting for B2B and B2C projects.


When you need a copywriter who…

✓ has 10 years of digital marketing experience

✓ can write for search engines—and humans

✓ works agency-side and brand-side

✓ never misses a deadline

✓ is located in the U.S.

…we should talk.

What does a copywriter for web do?

Check out my most popular web content copywriting services:


Website Copy

Strengthen your brand identity, and let’s make the most out of every webpage. From your homepage to each product page, we’ll incorporate relevant keywords in your brand voice for maximum impact.


Landing Page Copywriting

Capitalize on paid traffic, introduce your brand to new buyers, and persuade visitors to act now. Get web pages created specifically with your campaigns’ ROI in mind.


Email Copywriting

Make the most of every word, from subject line to CTA and build excitement around your offer.


SEO Copywriting

Want to conquer the Google search results page? Search engine optimization starts with on-page copy, titles, and meta descriptions that strategically integrate keyword research—plus your brand voice.


Social Media Posts/Campaigns

Stop the scroll, engage followers, and connect with each buyer persona among your overall target audience. Let’s make waves across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and even LinkedIn.


Blog Posts & Articles*

Content writing helps you increase brand awareness by sharing interesting, useful information with potential customers.


*Exclusive to monthly retainer packages


Ad Copywriting

Grow your brand and win more customers across traditional and digital media, including: print, paid social, paid search, video, and more.


Product Description Copywriting*

Let’s talk about how to address your customers’ pain points AND what makes your products so unique and valuable.

*Exclusive to monthly retainer packages

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copywriter for web faqs

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is web copywriting important?


Forty-four percent of shopping journeys start with an Internet search, and 41% start at online stores, according to  That means your business needs online visibility to compete.  Web copywriting incorporates everything from content marketing to your optimizing individual website pages and your brand’s presence on key platforms, such as (but, by no means limited to) Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


What does a web copywriter do?


A web copywriter works with marketers to produce online content, such as: ad copy, written website content, blog posts/articles, email marketing campaigns, and content for social media channels.


How much does it cost to hire a copywriter for a website?


The cost of hiring a web copywriter largely depends on the scope of the project and the turnaround time.  Additionally, while some copywriters charge an hourly rate, others may offer a flat-rate fee.  The best way to price out a web copy project is to contact several writers and request a written proposal.

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