Face it: you won’t reach the first page of Google without keyword stuffing.  Right?

Hi, I’m Noelle Hartt, and I’m an SEO copywriter.

I offer SEO content writing services for B2B and B2C projects.

When you need to hire a contractor who…

✓ incorporates relevant keywords into your website copy

✓ reaches the targeted minimum word count—every time

✓ has experience writing articles and blog posts

✓ includes relevant external and internal links to help enhance search engine results

…we should talk.

Pssst: I offer more than just SEO copywriting services


seo copywriting services


“SEO copywriting” refers to the creation of helpful, informative content that answers questions people search online. SEO copywriters follow best practices, as dictated by Google, and create blog posts, articles, and other original content to help websites rank on search engines.

SEO copywriters create original, informative content to help answer questions people search online.

This refers to any copy written with keywords inspired by online users’ frequently searched topics and questions. SEO-friendly copywriting is particularly useful for company websites, social media networks, and even ecommerce marketplaces (like Amazon).

While both SEO copy and traditional copy serve the purpose of turning readers into buyers, SEO copy has the added goal of being found on search engines, such as Google.