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You just launched an exciting new ad campaign to sell your product to new customers.


They’re seeing your ads, they know who you are, and they’re even coming back to your website—but nobody’s made a purchase yet.  Is it time to abandon your strategy?


Absolutely not!


It’s not uncommon for new users to visit a brand’s website and not make a purchase.  After all, customers prefer to buy from brands they’re familiar with.


The key to winning over your prospective new customers, then, is to give this audience the opportunity to learn more about your brand and your products.  And email marketing is the perfect way to establish rapport through regular communication.


Not only does email allow you easy access to your new leads—it’s also proven to provide a substantial ROI, with Salesforce reporting an average return of $38 for every $1 invested.

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works Like A Charm For New Customer Acquisition


1. Users Who Subscribe To Your Emails Are Interested In Hearing From Your Brand


Having an opt-in form on your site is an excellent way to gauge new users’ interest in your industry, your brand, and your products.  Just because someone isn’t ready to make a purchase doesn’t mean they can’t be persuaded.  And users who join your email list are basically saying, “I’d like to hear more; show me what you’ve got!”


2. Brands Can DIRECTLY Reach Customers Via Email


Unlike the difficulties of reaching customers on social media with Facebook’s limited organic reach and Twitter’s rapidly updating feed, email marketing gives your brand the opportunity to directly reach subscribers in a place they’re sure to notice you—their inbox!


And if your copywriter knows how to write subject lines that get noticed, the possibilities are endless!

3. Segmented Lists Allow For Customized Messaging (AKA Higher Revenue)


Did you know marketers who segmented their email lists were able to increase revenue by 760%?  The key is in getting to know your subscribers so you can deliver customized messaging.


Sending surveys to new subscribers is a great way to learn more about these leads so you can segment your list based on readers’ unique interests.


Consider creating an exciting freebie or a special offer to reward subscribers who complete your survey.


Check Out These Case Studies From 3 Companies Who Used Email Marketing To Convert Leads


1. LogDog: Increased Mobile App Downloads By Over 200% With Email Marketing


LogDog sells a security app that monitors customers’ online accounts (i.e., Facebook, Google, et.) for suspicious activity.


At one point, despite having had over 500,000 website visitors, the company was struggling to sell its app.  Site visitors were using LogDog’s free tool, and in doing so, subscribing to LogDog’s email list.  Few of these users, however, went on to download LogDog’s paid app.


Using email marketing and segmented subscriber lists, LogDog was able to send prospective customers helpful information about its app, ultimately increasing app downloads by 240%!


(View the full case study here.)


2. Wistia: Created An Email Funnel That Increased Paid Conversions By Over 300%


Wistia, a B2B video software company, was previously struggling to convert free trial users into paid customers.  Although an email marketing strategy was in place to nurture leads, the content being sent proved ineffective for moving customers through the sales funnel.


By analyzing which phases of the sales funnel weren’t being addressed, Wistia’s copy team was able to update the email sequence with sales-oriented messaging, ultimately increasing paid conversions by an impressive 350%!


(View the full case study here.)


3. Comvita: Used Email Marketing To Increase Conversions By More Than 400%


Comvita is a natural supplement company that sells its products online.


Previously, Comvita had a single list of email subscribers that included both new leads and loyal customers.  These subscribers were all sent the same content, and as you can imagine, this approach was unsuccessful for converting leads into sales.


By using segmented email lists and sending new subscribers a steady stream of informative content (AKA lead nurturing), Comvita was able to increase the number of new lead conversions by 480% within a 6-month period.  This strategy also helped enabled the company to increase average sale value by 255%.


(View the full case study here.)


Start Ramping Up Your Customer Acquisition Strategies


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