Blogging For Business: The Content Marketing Hack That’s Hidden in Plain Sight

The Content Marketing Hack That's Hidden In Plain Sight

Blogging For Business: The Content Marketing Hack That’s Hidden in Plain Sight

Take a minute to think about how your content marketing is going. Is your target audience finding your content? And when they do, what’s happening? Are readers adding comments to your blog and sharing their articles with their friends and family? Or do you think you could be getting more out of your content marketing and blogging efforts?

Last week, I talked about keyword research and the importance of predetermining the emotional reaction you want your audience to have after reading your posts. These are, and will always be, important tactics that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to content marketing, but there’s another factor I haven’t discussed yet that could make or break your campaign’s success.

The Content Strategy Hidden Right Under Your Nose

There’s a simple way to come up with effective content that your audience will be happy to read and share, and it doesn’t cost you any additional time or money. I’m talking about listening to your clients.

This strategy is so simple, yet it’s often overlooked. Many business owners tend to have tunnel vision and focus solely on using keyword research tools for their online marketing strategies.

Just by talking with your clients, which you’re already doing, you’ll be able to find out the specific questions and pain points that your online audience likely has. Even better, you’ll be able to understand first hand your audience’s biggest concerns and how you can address them in your content.

Get Rid of Roadblocks Before They Happen

We’ve talked about the obvious, now let’s talk about the not-so-obvious: what’s stopping prospects from becoming your clients?

Is there a common issue that you run into with your prospects that prevents them from doing business with you? Do people reach out to your agency only to find out that they have a problem you can’t help them with? Roadblocks can, of course, be frustrating for both you and your prospects, but they can also provide a great learning experience.

Identifying common roadblocks that could be affecting your audience can be an extremely effective way to enhance your content strategy. By creating blog posts that discuss these roadblocks, you’ll be able to help readers understand whether or not you can help them before they reach out to you, thereby lessening the amount of time wasted on prospects who won’t provide any value to your business.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Start keeping track of your clients’ questions and comments so that you can build out blog posts around them. Your audience will be impressed by your ability to address their concerns, and you’ll have a better chance of getting readers to share your blog posts.

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