8 Kitchen Trends For 2018 (And What They Mean For You As A Seller)

8 Kitchen Trends For 2018

8 Kitchen Trends For 2018 (And What They Mean For You As A Seller)

We all know that trends come and go…if it were up to me, we’d still be coming home in a Volkswagen microbus to our avocado green appliances, but the times have changed and so has most of the population’s taste.

As we enter 2018, you may be evaluating your own home’s style, and if you’re planning a move soon, then you’ll want to take a strategic approach to your kitchen’s appearance.

You may be tempted to do a full overhaul on your kitchen and make it as modern as possible, but be forewarned that not all trends are created equal, and certain updates could make your home more difficult to sell, even if they align with the latest styles.

Not all trends are created equal, and certain updates could make your home more difficult to sell, even if they align with the latest styles.Click To Tweet

Among some of the less permanent kitchen updates HouseBeautiful magazine predicts for 2018 are stackable cookware with colored handles, vegetable spiralizers, and Instant Pots. These are all great examples of small changes you can make to your kitchen that don’t require much commitment. When it comes to more permanent changes, though, you’ll want to give your kitchen some careful consideration.

Take a look at the guide below for all the latest kitchen trends and how you can best approach them as a seller:

1. Eat-In Kitchens.

Eat-in kitchens have been around for quite some time, but the modern eat-in kitchen typically features an island that can double as a table. Unlike many other fads, the eat-in kitchen is popular among many different buyers, as is therefore likely be well-received.

2. Two-Tone Cabinets.

This one’s a bit more tricky. I’d definitely stay away from two-toned cabinets if you’re planning to sell your home. You never know how a potential buyer may react to something out of the ordinary, and the key to appealing to potential buyers is keeping your color palette simple.

3. Dark Plum (AKA Pantone’s color of the year for 2018).

I personally don’t care for this shade, and I’m sure I’m not alone here. Outspoken colors can be very hit-or-miss, and it’s important to keep that in mind when preparing to sell your home.

If the dark plum trend fits your own style, though, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it; you’ll just need to be more strategic about your décor.

For instance, rather than re-doing your backsplash with dark purple tiles, opt for some simpler upgrades, like plum-colored dishtowels, or even plum-colored small kitchen appliances. By upgrading your color scheme this way, you’ll have less of a commitment to the plum trend, and you’ll be able to take all of your favorite plum-colored items with you when you do end up moving.

4. Personalized Tiles And Statement Floor Tiles.

Definitely stay away from these if you don’t already have them in your home. Your house should have as little personality as possible when you’re getting ready to sell.

That may sound harsh, but keep in mind that your home’s architectural style, exterior appearance (including the landscaping), and the layout of the rooms in your home are all examples of elements that already give the home personality, and you don’t want to keep narrowing down the pool of buyers who may be willing to make an offer.

5. Transformative Taps.

This probably goes without saying, but installing a new, expensive tap to transform water into seltzer might be a little over-the-top, unless you’re going after a luxury market.

If you’re not selling a luxury home, though, then this trend is better off ignored.

6. Open Layouts.

Open floorplans have been popular for awhile now, and seem to be a pretty safe bet. That being said, your timeline and budget will be the ultimate determining factors as to whether or not an open layout is something you’re willing to add to your kitchen prior to selling.

7. Storage For Small Appliances.

Appliances that are not used regularly can quickly become an eyesore, in addition to taking up precious counter space. Making sure your kitchen has sufficient storage space for items like slow cookers, waffle irons, and food processors can have a major influence on a buyer’s overall opinion of the home.

8. Large Kitchen Sinks.

Deep, wide kitchen sinks are becoming the new norm, and could be worth investing in if your kitchen is currently lacking one. If your buyer cooks at all, he’ll be sure to notice your kitchen sink and make note of whether or not it can meet his needs. An ideal kitchen sink has enough room to fit large pots and strainers, and is deep enough for handwashing dishes with ease.

Of course, getting your house ready to sell requires more than just kitchen updates, so don’t overthink your plan, and only make changes that are truly necessary.

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  1. My husband and I are getting into the stage of our home renovation where we will begin the kitchen, so this post has been super helpful! Great things to consider!

    1. Author

      That’s so exciting! Glad I was able to help!

  2. I have been wanting to renovate my kitchen for years.. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that this will be the year! I love this list.. it has all things that I would have picked by myself but since I’m never good at picking things by myself, I thank you for doing it for me! LOL

    1. Author

      Haha happy to help! Have fun renovating!

  3. We almost redid our kitchen this year, and a larger farmhouse sink was definitely on our list! We loved the two tone idea as well, but worried it would be too trendy!

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